The topics covered by the conference have continued to evolve to reflect the cutting edge of the research landscape. To reflect the significant international interest in quantum technologies ICANS30 welcomes research directed towards these applications within the topics covered.

ICANS30 will run three parallel symposia during the conference with the entire conference coming together for the Mott Lecture and Plenary talks. Each Symposium will run a programme based around the topics outlined below. ICANS30 will also run a tutorial series on the Sunday preceding the conference (4th August) in partnership with the Royce A2D, M4QN and RAISIN networks.

Symposium A: Materials Modelling, Simulation & Characterisation

A1: Electronic Defects & Transport A2: Advanced Models of Electronic Properties A3: Simulation of Device Behaviour A4: Advanced Characterisation Methods & Techniques

Symposium B: Materials Discovery, Modification & Functionalisation

B1: Nanoscale Semiconductors B2: 2D Materials B3: Wide Bandgap Materials B4: Amorphous Semiconductors B5: Si Thin Film B6: Perovskite & Organic Materials B7: Defect and Impurity Engineering B8: Thin Film Growth & Deposition

Symposium C: Electronic & Photonic Devices

C1: Photodetectors & Photovoltaics C2: Coherent & Incoherent Sources C3: Single Photon Sources C4: Thin Film Transistor Technologies C5: Photonic Waveguide Technologies C6: Memory Devices & Technologies C7: Quantum Devices C8: Plasmonic Systems & Devices C9: Low-loss electronics

Our Partners

The exciting conference programme is co-convened with the following partners: